TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Moms and children get honest about motherhood

The Elevation Church in North Carolina gave some moms the chance to find out what their kids really think about them, and the result became a moving tribute.

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>>> we are back at 8:50. not a day goes by that as a parent you don't question at least some of your abilities but what would your kids say about you if they were given the chance? thanks to the website some lucky moms got a chance to find out and what their kids had to say turned into a very moving tribute.

>> i am a perfectionist so it's hard with kids.

>> there's definitely days when i have my doubts about my abilities.

>> i struggle with my temper.

>> i struggle with how i react with situations.

>> i wish i knew how to, i guess, just calm myself before speaking to them.

>> i wish i was better at taking time to sit down and just listen more to my child.

>> i wish i was more confident in being a mom.

>> i'm not the most patient person in the world.

>> patience.

>> patience is far and away probably the biggest struggle.

>> i just want them to know how much i love them.

>> my mom is totally awesome .

>> she's fun to snuggle with.

>> pretty, funny.

>> she is unique. that's why i love her so much.

>> we go on dates together. like we go shopping.

>> she loves me a lot.

>> i have a lot of favorite things about my mom.

>> we like to watch movies together and cuddle and stuff.

>> we go to church together. we volunteer together.

>> she's like my heart, i guess you could say because she's that close to me.

>> my favorite thing is to jump on with my mom. that's my most favorite thing. to go up high.

>> we get ice cream or something and like go to the nail salon and have fun.

>> my mom is my hero.

>> she's pretty and beautiful.

>> she is my hero.

>> she just will care about me and just always love me forever.

>> she's the best.

>> that's so awesome.

>> i always seem to focus mostly on the negative and i guess i can walk out of here and say that i'm doing something great and that my child is viewing me totally different than i view myself. so that's inspiring.

>> this is my calling. this is my job. this is what i love to do and i will do it better and with love each and every day because those kids count on me and they love me for what i'm doing.

>> not a dry eye around here. you can have my tissue.

>> we are so hard on yourselves.

>> we mirror what we saw.

>> we are hard on ourselves and we think our kids think the worst of us but that shows you they don't.

>> i'm going to go home and force my kids to say nice things about me.

>> and definitely record it.