TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Stars of ‘Last Vegas’ guest-host TODAY

Four Oscar-winning actors – Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline – visit TODAY as guest co-hosts. The four actors also talk about working together for the first time in the new comedy “Last Vegas.”

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>> 50? 50 cent. curtis jackson .

>> oh, from the jackson five, sure.

>> gentlemen, good morning to you. you're all oscar winners. you never worked together. i'll ask a question that seems crazy, was anybody nervous to work with the other? a little intimidated? robert?

>> no. we all have been around for awhile. so we all were comfortable in the whole process. i mean it was a lot of fun and everybody gives everybody their space and everybody has their own thing and so it's easy and john was terrific as the director and orchestrated us all.

>> get these four guys together, this isn't a chick flick . this is fun. a lot of people like to say it's the hangover -- [ music playing ] --

>> somebody hit the jackpot.

>> people like to say it's the hangover for old guys. i think that's oversimplified. there's a lot of tenderness. it's about friendship and time passing and the feeling that maybe there isn't enough time left to find happiness. themes that you guys identify with.

>> sure.

>> well.

>> i'm not -- you know, i sort of accept where i am pretty much. i'm not concerned so much about the time left. i have a lot of time left. a lot. i don't expect to check out before maybe 105, 110. something like that.

>> that's exactly the way your character in the movie deals with it too. he says i may not be a young man chronologically but i'm a young man here.

>> yeah, that's where i am.

>> it's a story of friendships and relationships. your character realizes how much he appreciates his wife through an unusual set of circumstances. is that part of what appeals to you about the role?

>> no.

>> it was the drinking and the gambling?

>> no.

>> he didn't know he was going to experience that.

>> no, that was -- no. what appealed to me about it is that it was a wonderful serial comic blend of really touching things about long lasting friendships and setting these four old fish out of water in the -- in las vegas which is, you know, las vegas . it's so youth crazy. and it's just -- it's just funny.