TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Speed drivers zip cross-country in 29 hours

Three friends drove from New York to Los Angeles in a record 28 hours and 50 minutes with zero speeding tickets. The three men and their 2004 Mercedes CL55 traveled at an average rate of 98 mph, and only stopped for a total 46 minutes.

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>> new york post, three buddies drove from new york to l.a. last month in 29 hours with no speeding tickets. 11 hours faster than google maps said it should take and three hours faster than the previous record. in a hmecedes. they said it took them 15 minutes just to get out of manhattan.

>> i went across country out of college with three guys and we went nonstop from california to new york and it took us almost three days.

>> there you go.

>> we didn't stop.

>> and of course the older we get, we have to stop more often. that's the