TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Ladies admit they mold their man into Mr. Right

How sneaky! In a recent poll, 36 percent of women admitted they were embarrassed to be seen with their significant other at the start of the relationship, and that it takes an average of six months to morph a man into their dream date.

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>> facebook, we're going to let you in on a little secret fellows on this side of the table, it is true that women want you to change. there was a study that said 68% of women admitted to trying to change their man's appearance. 36% were embarrassed at the first of their relationship. it took about six months to morph them into mr. right. these are men that don't need changing.

>> there's no question. but you're married. not married. kevin you're married. michael?

>> yes.

>> took an awkward turn.

>> well, look at the time. listen.

>> scratch your nose again. scratching the nose, there. but have women in your lives tried to change you? robert?

>> no. not that i'm aware of.

>> michael?

>> i mean, why stylists. i think when you get -- i don't know what age that is, they're putting up with what they see. maybe earlier on but not now.

>> you all always look great too. you don't need changing. let's just put that out there.

>> i know.

>> somebody once said that women marry men with big plans to change them and men marry women with the hopes that they're never going to