TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

TODAY men renounce razors for No-Shave November

The crew, cast, and control room of TODAY have all made a pact to ditch their razors for the month of November in order to raise awareness about men’s health. Even Willie Geist won’t miss out on this act of solidarity, although he admits that it might be tricky for his baby clean face to keep up.

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>> going to be noticing a little change around here when it comes to the men of today.

>> this is a serious subject but we're going to have money with it. you may have heard about movember when guys grow mustaches for prostate cancer . we're adding a layer and we're growing full beards. we're calling it no shave november. all the guys are on board. willie is also on board. he left us this message.

>> guys i'm sorry i couldn't be with you today for the big announcement. i'm on my way to see a witch doctor in the caribbean who wears he can grow hair on this face because trust me it's never happened before. it's going to be a long month.

>> this is an important thing. seriously, we're trying to raise awareness about men's health. prostate cancer in particular, one in six men will be diagnosed at one point in their live. 96% of those over the age of 50 and 97% success rate in treating it.

>> yeah, that's pretty exciting that we bring this to the floor for people to get help.

>> it's going to be an every day reminder for us as we have a little fun but we'll be thinking about it.

>> i'm just saving the beard. i'm not shaving the mustache.

>> i'm just happy. [ inaudible ]

>> our whole crew is involved as well. not just us.

>> look at these guys.

>> our entire crew lining up to do this. even down in the control room .

>> no shaving. you can trim a little bit.

>> come on guys hand it over .

>> in solidarity i'm not going to shave my legs.

>> all right. come on over.

>> eat your heart out.

>> yeah, exactly. they can own october. we're going to own november. carson we have people at home and we'll ask them to join us as well.

>> yes, we are. it will be interesting for me because the live shows on the voice start on monday and tuesdays in november. let us know, #noshavetoday send us pictures and join us. take your razors and shaving cream and put them away for the month of november for a good cause. we'll be tracking this of course all month here in the orange room on today. and that's going to be a good thing and i think for guys at work or if you're like me, i'm not sure how it's going to work with the voice being live but i think you got such a good cause here. every day that you don't shave, you'll be thinking about some of the efforts for prostate cancer .

>> when was the last time you grew a beard.

>> i grow fast.

>> you shaved completely this morning.

>> this is within 45 minutes.

>> that's amazing.

>> how about you?

>> i can't. i do it. it comes in greyish. my 14-year-old said dad, you look like a bum.

>> what's the longest you have gone?

>> two weeks. i had surgery on my knee and they said for infection so i couldn't.

>> #noshavetoday. matt, back to you.