TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Hallmark’s ‘fun’ apparel ornament stirs controversy

Hallmark has received criticism for offering a Christmas ornament with the word “fun” replacing “gay” in the phrase “don we now our gay apparel.” Some are accusing the company of anti-gay prejudice, but others say it’s a case of political correctness run amok.

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>>> robert de niro , morgan freeman , michael douglas and kevin kline . guys jump in. trending on twitter, when it comes to holidays has political correctness gone too far? hallmark's new sweater ornament says don we now our fun apparel. they used the word fun to replace the word gay. critics are calling the move homophobic. hallmark said it never intended to offend anyone. is this political correctness gone too far?

>> doesn't hallmark make cards?

>> and ornaments.

>> that's what they got in trouble with.

>> kevin?

>> it doesn't deserve a comment.

>> it doesn't.

>> it's so bizarre and stupid.

>> what do you guys think about political correctness ?

>> what do you think morgan? is this political correctness gone too far?

>> yeah, yeah. we have a tendency to do that anyway. you get politically correct. i all of a sudden became an african. i'm not african.

>> let's ask our italian-american. do you think there's too much political correctness ?

>> that goes a little far? it's fun to go against that when you can because i think it's absurd.

>> happy holidays.