TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Democrats taking hits over woes

Democrats across the board are feeling the heat from the storm of criticism over the troubled Obamacare website. NBC's Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> the number of people able to sign up for health coverage on the government's website on the opening day was low. it was just six people on that day. chuck todd has the story. good morning. what can you tell us?

>> reporter: here's what the administration says. they don't deny the numbers. these numbers came from house republicans that have been holding hearings, preparing to hold more hearings about the roll out of the website. according to administration officials, these are based on handwritten notes . they don't believe the numbers. they acknowledge, obviously, that the website was very problematic in the first couple of days. so while they -- this is all they could confirm, six on the first day, six -- that's right, six. a couple of hundred on the second day, they don't believe their own numbers and the state exchanges in over a dozen states they did have a lot more enrollment numbers but they're not denying that this website was a total mess, savannah and they know that they had a bunch of problems and that people couldn't finish the process.

>> and the white house , so far, has not released any official numbers about how many people have been able to sign up. let me ask you about this politics of this. there's word that on the hill a lot of democrats are getting anxious about how this is all going.

>> well, they are. especially senate democrats . they want to stay in control. they want to stay in power. and in 2014 , right after the government shutdown , they thought, boy, they're going to keep their majority. the only thing that has them nervous is health care . it's lead by a bunch of the red state democrats that have to seek re-election. whether it's mark pryor in arkansas, kay hagan in north carolina . they're driving the nervousness, savannah because the president's popularity rating hit an all time low nationally in our poll. well, if it's 42% nationally imagine what it is in arkansas and louisiana where democrats have to win re-election in order to hold control of the senate. they're extremely nervous and they think that health care could cost them control of the senate if this roll out doesn't improve very quickly.

>>> all right. chuck todd , thank