TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Dashboard video shows bravery of cop shot in face

New dashcam footage shows a dramatic police chase in Stafford, Texas, when a cop stayed in pursuit of the suspects for 20 miles even though she’d been shot in the face and chest.

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>>> new developments this morning on a story we brought you on thursday. a texas police officer who survived being shot twice, including once in the face. this morning, the dramatic dash cam video. here's janet.

>> shots fired, i'm hit.

>> she had never been shot before but the former marine and mother of two had run the scenario in her mind a million times. now it was happening.

>> looks like he's southbound. southbound.

>> reporter: and despite her wounds, she was in a high speed chase with the gunman.

>> i can't tell you if i heard it and felt but or felt it and then heard it. but the burning, the loud ringing in my ear. just the shock of knowing you have been shot in the face.

>> reporter: the bandage is the only visible scar of it. she said something just wasn't right.

>> he looked at me and then my gun. then the shots range out. one and then a second.

>> give me the channel.

>> i heard the second gunshot and i felt it strike me in the chest and then it was immediately survival. you better get into this fight because you're in a gun battle and you're not returning fire yet.

>> i've been shot in the face and i know that i've taken one in my chest.

>> reporter: but the gun battle continues.

>> they're shooting at me while i'm in pursuit out of the back window.

>> he's firing. he's firing.

>> reporter: it went on this way for 20 miles until the suspects turn into an apartment complex and other officers take up the chase. and then she gets out of the car.

>> i'm hit twice. i know i'm hit in the chest and the face.

>> reporter: still more worried about her fellow officers than herself.

>> tell them to watch your back. watch your back.

>> reporter: a short time later not far away, the alleged gunman, identified as sergio rodriguez was arrested.

>> there are thousands and thousands like me who put the uniform on every day and tell their families good-bye hoping that we'll see them later. i think i struggle sometimes with thinking that maybe i'm not the greatest mom because i am so free to give that 150% to my work. but my children know me and they love me.

>> would you have done the same thing again?

>> absolutely. no doubt. no reservation. none.

>> reporter: for today, nbc news, houston.

>> that's impressive no matter how many times you hear that story.

>> her children have a hero as a mom.

>> absolutely.