TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Top movies for a full night of fright

Wittily done up as “50 Shades of Grey” for Halloween, E! News Correspondent Jason Kenney reviews the top scary movies that will make you want to sleep with the lights on.

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>> you could join the throngs of trick-or-treaters tonight or you could dim the lights, grab a blanket, hide and curl up with your favorite horror movie .

>> i think that's what our guys are gonan do.

>> i think so

>> e! news correspondent jason kennedy is here with some suggestions that might make you want to sleep with the lights on.

>> guess what, guess what jason is, you have one guess.

>> anyone?

>> ready? fifty shades of grey!

>> not the tin man.

>> that's what i originally thought.

>> you know, interchangeable.

>> we're going to talk

>> with the world's worst wig ever! is that kathleen sebelius 's hair?

>> yes, it is. and a lot of aqua net.

>> haha, aqua net.

>> we're going to talk about our scariest movies. the one i chose also happens to be the scariest movie of all time.

>> i didn't think so.

>> well

>> it's the highest grossing supernatural movie.

>> the highest grossing, scary, lala. it's called the sixth sense.

>> i see dead people . you remember that one?

>> i didn't think it was that scary.

>> really?

>> oh my god, are you kidding me?

>> haley joel osment ?

>> betty, i'm not.

>> so there's haley. he was the one who talked to dead people , he saw dead people , and then the psychologist

>> and you find out that he is a dead person.

>> don't give it away!

>> for those that never saw it, right. you're like 15 years too late.

>> highest grossing hoda, i guess everybody saw it.

>> exactly

>> but this really put m. knight shamylan on the map in terms of directing and writing. and i liked it. it hought it was a good movie.

>> i liked it too. it just didn't scare, the bijillikers out of me.

>> what scared the bijillickers out of you?

>> the exorcist.

>> ooh, that one

>> because that's real life stuff. that kind of evil and exorcism stuff, i've seen it.

>> so it's this 12-year-old girl. she's demon possessed, and her mom's trying depserately to get her out of that and to perform these exorcisms with the help of two priests. i wasn't allowed to see it. i still will not look at the screen, i don't know if you noticed that, i'm not looking at the screen right now. because i'm freaked out.

>> when her head swirls around --

>> and she starts spurting guacamole it's unbelievable.

>> it was nominated for best picture .

>> you know what, it was, billy friedkin , directed it. and it was genius the way he directed it. everything about that movie worked brilliantly i thought.

>> what's yours jason ?

>> remember the blair witch project ?

>> oh yeah

>> that happened in maryland right near where i grew up.

>> yeah so it was these three college students. they go out, they're trying to find the blair witch . and she's this local legend. so they disappear, they never return. they find the footage, all the sound, they put this together. people don't know, is it real? is it fake? and i haven't gone camping since 1999 .

>> i can't take my eyes off the boogers.

>> those are real boogers, i know that.

>> a very close up shot.

>> you know who is really scared too, our husbands.

>> they are such wimps.

>> our husbands and whose daughter?

>> pebbles.

>> yeah. they're scared.

>> awwww

>> what is hppening?

>> barney --

>> excuse me, that should be some kind of animal fur .

>> fred is, fred is sucking his thumb. you have a weird husband.

>> i have a weird husband?!

>> yes, you do

>> ok

>> blame shifting

>> we love you jason

>> thanks guys

>> alright sweetheart