TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Childhood toys of terror become last-minute decorations

Famed set designer and author Stacy Nelson brings the magic of Hollywood horror to your very own home with suggestions like creepy crawly spiders made from trash bags, and table decorations that will make your kids scream!

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>> did halloween catch you by surprise. no need to fear. you have a few more hours before those trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door.

>> here's how to get in the spirit. hollywood set director and author stacy nelson.

>> hello.

>> you are looking very halloweeny.

>> thank you. so happy to be here with you. you know, there's some things you already have at home that can make a fantastic halloween quickly and affordably. my favorite drink bloody alexander lined with a blood thick rim. take a drink.

>> how do you make the rim work.

>> what you do, regard red candy, crush it up. stick it in the microwave. isn't that delicious. a little bit of water, dip the glass right in. i'm all about fast and affordable. go through your old halloween costumes . take out the masks, cut out the head. put a hole in the head . candy on the platter. make the kids think twice.

>> all right.

>> you all have trash bags . big bag spider.

>> very cute.

>> one back two-thirds full, one back a third full. stuff it with anything you have. fill it with leaves. for the eye, red solo cups. cut the bottoms off.

>> that's genius.

>> if you don't have black trash bags use the white ones. all you need is a white trash back. cut off the blue. or grocery bags for the head. stick it offer another bag. tie it. use an old hanger to hang him with. isn't he cute.