TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Scarytown! The most haunted cities in America

Halloween or not, these cities boast some of the scariest sights and sounds all year ‘round, including  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania’s horrific hotel, and the Vampire tours in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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>> events.

>> there are plenty of spooktacula places to visit.

>> danielle is here to show us some of the scariest haunted cities in america. danielle, good to see you.

>> good to see you, too. i'm a scary cat. so you might not want to take me to these cities. our first one up is actually gettysburg , pennsylvania, a big civil war town. it's all about the ghost tour here. companies like gettysburg ghost tours offer these family friendly walking tours. definitely hit up the sax covered bridge , they traders met up there. according to legend, they're still there.

>> for the brave souls out there, whathold would you recommend in the area?

>> you can relax at the gettysburg hotel . what is scary about this is rachel, actually the ghost of a civil war nurse. she is said to be looking for soldiers all around the place, so watch out.

>> that sounds scary. let's move on to our next city. portland, oregon. what is cool about portland?

>> you can have fuente at the farm, it's a haunted farm, 4 ake acres.

>> what is a good place to say?

>> the school was converted into a hotel or a restaurant. you might see a spirit or two of an old student. avoid the bathroom, an older attendant is said to haunt that area, too.

>> that's a bad place to avoid.

>> the ladies room.

>> i, on the other hand, wouldn't have a problem.

>> a creepy ghost. he hangs out in the women's room.

>> a little of a creeper.

>> a bit of a perv. let's go to new orleans, new orleans is known for having lots to zar people there.

>> right.

>> vampires, voodoo, thrill seekers of all ages will love the french quarter . you are trapseing around graveyards the highlight is a voodoo queen grave where mourners still leave tokens, which is super creepy.

>> out of the choice, what do you like hotel -wise?

>> hotel monteleone is great. they give you dsz supposable cameras for the take picks i pictures of things that go bump in the night . kids play hide and seek in the lobby.

>> let's head to the west coast , san francisco making the list as well as one of the best haunted cities .

>> alcatraz, everybody knows the prison, it's closed now, definitely creepier by night. take the evening tour. head up to where people have seen prisoner's ghosting romeing around there.

>> there are a couple floors at the chance lor hotel ?

>> people have been aawaken in their sleep.

>> what's a hotel that you don't want to sleep, stay there.

>> charleston, south carolina , you have spooky spots there?

>> in york town the battle of mid-way, take the tour there, you might run into a couple of ghosts of old soldiers who died in battle. you.

>> you like the frances marion hotel , apparently a scary spirit lurking there as well?

>> yes, this is my favorite one. there was actually a visitor in the 1920s , edcoen who jumped from one of the windows.

>> oh, dear.

>> if you are brave, stay in his room. you might get awoken by chills.

>> people have said the window is opened an closed, unexplainably.

>> really?

>> they have seen him walking around in his smoking jacket.