TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Make meringue ghosts and Franken-cookies

Mary Giles from Family Fun Magazine stops by TODAY with some fun ideas for delicious family-friendly Halloween treats.

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>> it's trick or treat time, a wild spread and despite the ghoulish guests.

>> here with spooky snacks is mary giles, the senior editor of "family" magazine.

>> i love this. this is stuff that looks hard, you say it's easy to make.

>> let's start with the wizard of oz . these are our wickedly tasty cupcake, inspired by the wizard of oz , as you said. this is a cute little house made from chocolate graham crackers , licorice on top. the boots are made from right over there, you set a house on top of the legs. we get the legs are maze from sambucca. the feet are made from a candy, a irheads, you microwave them a few seconds, they get soft and pliable. we drizzled on the look of the stockings there and set a cupcake on top.

>> i love that idea.

>> these are glue eyed ghosts. made from merengue. you can get a recipe at family spoon it into a ziplog bag, snip a half inch off the corner. pipe the ghosts on to a baking sheet. it's real fun to do. you guys want to grab some button candy eyes there. you put them on top.

>> it's egg white .

>> sugar, some vanilla, cream and tartar. we drew some marker, food marker on. it's yummy. you bake them an hour-and-a-half.

>> tell us about the eyeball snacks.

>> jeepers, creepers, eyes, these are mazz relevant la halves on a round cracker with melba toast . those are roasted red pepper veins with a little olive on top.

>> frank cookies.

>> exactly. 18 oval shape cookie, grown frosting. dip them into chocolate sprinkles, use the sprinkles for the mouth, mini chocolate chip eyes. of course, you need bolts for the characteristic, franken stein eyes.

>> a lot of assembly time here.

>> that's what you got your kids for, right?

>> nice. what are these little critters here?

>> okay. these are so great for the kids, creepy jeepers creepers , our family fun moms love them. they're healthy. dates, apricots. don't get a hair in the food there. super healthy. make holes with a toothpick or pairing knife. you may slits or holes, you do that. those are chow mein noodles. i can stick in banana chip wings.

>> fun for the kids.

>> the wednesday right in like that.

>> what do we have over here?

>> then these are breadsticks, refrej rates bredstick or piz have a dough. you want to help us out here, natalie, grab a roll here, you roll it to about a ten-inch roll, wrap them around and oil skewer like that. they come off super easy, when you got them ready like that, you snip a little in the end, you