TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Vanilla Ice goes Amish in new show      

Rapper Vanilla Ice talks about his upcoming show on the DIY Network where he works with local Amish residents in Ohio on building projects.

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>> ron van winkle better known as vanilla ice made a name for himself with that huge hit, ice, ice, baby. he can belt it out. did you know he has a passion for design.

>> on his new show, vanilla ice goes amish . his skills are definitely put to the test.

>> do you have to pasturize it?

>> taste for yourself.

>> ha, ha, ha, oh. actually tastes pretty good. there is a lot coming out. we will have a gallon of milk in no time.

>> that's the best there is.

>> we will maim i make some home-made vanilla ice cream.

>> i'm still singing, ice, ice, baby out here. that was great. it's interesting to see. you made this turn to home design. how did that come about?

>> about 18 years ago, i started doing it. i got the bug. i hired decorators, followed them around, i picked up their tactics and ways, i got the bug, myself. here i am, my own show.

>> did it get fun, you want to hear it every time?

>> i play it a million times, i love it. it never gets old, great times. great energy.

>> some distressed wood makes you look old.

>> what we will do is take a nice piece of wood, redwood, you can distress it, take this chain. how about it, mr. t?

>> it's like a fireplace mant el.

>> go, al.

>> oh, yeah. see the marks, the distress. you distress it. you see all around. have a good time with it right there. you can also news nails t. nails, hit them like that. you can see, it makes different looking marks. after are you done with that, have you fun with it. it's a good weekend project. we're making a mant el for a fireplace, after you boat it up, you will take some stain here, you will rub it on, it will bring all the character out in the wood. it really looks great. you can see after you do it. you can put a clear coat on it. do it in any sustain color. when you mark it down, the marks stand out. it's sharp, i'm telling you.

>> can you put more than one coat on it?

>> you can put any stain color you want. it will look older. you can see over here, guys, you can make your own corbials there or put different casts, concrete. it likes a nice look. if you put these cultured stone , it will add to it.

>> just in time to hang those for christmas.

>> you punked out ap amish buggy?

>> they know i'm an outsider, they were okay. they were laughing the whole way. it's amish buggy traffic right there. when i took it down to the middle of town, there wasn't heads turning, there were necks snapping.

>> they can't, they kind of can if they go to their men mon night kid out -- menonites kids out.

>> they are fun people . they're sweet. i learned everything about them. they love craftsmanship and carp entry and building furniture. it was a fantastic time. love the apple pie smell. the ladies the whole time, they were running around with the apple pies . that's what the guys were working for, to get to that apple pie .

>> thank you for your performance.