TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Carmen Electra talks ‘Baywatch’ and new career

Carmen Electra talks about her memorable career on “Baywatch,” and her budding singing career, which kicks off with her new single, “Werq.”

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>> she's in trouble.

>> i think she needs mouth-to-mouth.

>> my thoughts exactly.

>> wait.

>> i always wanted to make out with you t.j..

>> deal, happy halloween !

>> i pity the fool!

>> oh.

>> carmen electra , ladies and gentlemen .

>> best sport on halloween .

>> always.

>> great job.

>> what a job for "today.".

>> the halloween edition, in case you didn't know. i am the hoff. we have t.j. of baywatch fame and laverne and shirley . i think we pulled it off, guys.

>> great team effort, yeah.

>> the team who put this together is truly extraordinary. this was weeks and weeks in the making.

>> i can't look at you. matt.

>> what do you mean?

>> what is that?

>> as soon as this is over, i'm getting out of this by sunday.

>> that concealer feeling.

>> i need to pea.

>> a little tmi. carmen, tell us, you got a few single coming up.

>> i do, it's called "work." it's coming out in december. i'm excited to get back to what i love to do, which is to perform, be on stage. that's the highlight of my career.

>> can you sing a little?

>> yeah.

>> go ahead, sing.

>> there she goes.

>> she can dance.

>> no, i'll do something.

>> take it away.

>> no, you have to stay here.

>> we're back up dancers.

>> what do you want us to do? sing?

>> yeah.

>> look at us looking locate we're state off the runway, turning heads like "the view." you know it's all in tune.

>> she's got the attitude, well done.

>> carmen, we love to have you here.