TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Twerk or treat! Top-selling costumes in history

From Princess Leia to Twerkin’ Teddy, the TODAY anchors discuss the top Halloween costumes from 1983 to 2013.

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>> share the top selling costumes over the years. this is trending on usa today . in 1983 , it was princess leia , from " star wars " and " return of the jedi ."

>> where's waldo and then super dee duper barn fi.

>> and in 2000 , it was austin powers and then senator obama with a costume in 2006 . last year the avengers was the top spot. what do you think is no. 1 this year?

>> robin thicke in that black and white outfit.

>> you are right the twerking teddy, thanks, to the now inna mus miley cyrus at the music awards.

>> that is the number 1 halloween costume .

>> which goes back to that question, when we asked her, did that performance go exactly as you planned? here we are, halloween.

>> i can issue congratulations to any woman that can pull off that outfit. that is what is trending today.