TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Ode to promptness begs readers to respect time

A Huffington Post piece berates latecomers by asking questions like when does “just a few minutes behind” become disrespectful? And is lateness a friendship deal-breaker?

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>>> article is entitled, how did it get okay for people to be late for everything. look at the most popular stories online. i know this is a pet peeve for a lot of us, matt. go.

>> i don't believe how people think 15 minutes is the new on time.

>> in new york, you got 15 minutes . we'll give 15 minutes .

>> it's wrong.

>> you are on time. are you on time. my dad had ais time. blank in seat.

>> you are a bus drive you are supposed to be on time.

>> an arrangement to meet somebody at coffee at 3:00 p.m . more often means you get a text, i'm five minutes away. so you wait for 15 or 20 minutes , kicking your heels in frustration, office late news is a deal breaker when it comes to business and friendship.

>> i have to say, i've gotten a little bad habits.

>> you have friends, you know they're going to be late, so you show up late.

>> you adjust, you tell them you will meet them at 3:15, knowing you will meet them at 3:30.

>> i have friends that lied when the movie starts. then you get on to them.