TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Plaza costume contest winners revealed

The winner and runners-up of the plaza costume contest are revealed. Find out which terribly terrific costume took the top prizes this year.

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>> of course, our crowd is all dressed up, too. people have been tweeting their photos, hashtag with partners with instagram. keep them coming.

>> friends from connecticut dressed up as, put it up there. aha.

>> today's greatest hosts.

>> that's kout.

>> very good.

>> coming up, we will keep the party going , not one, but two live performances here.

>> together they've sold millions of albums. one group known for their trademarks.

>> that's right. others.

>> back in the day.

>> okay. so.

>> you came across your character.

>> let's meet our contest finalist from the crowd.

>> right behind us, we will try not to block anybody.

>> let's start here in the middle, okay. we had jennifer weidenbaum from jersey city , new jersey the olympic skier, did it last 84 the parade was cancelled. it's the first wearing it. it took eight weeks to make it. she is obviously a fan of the olympics. jennifer, how long did it take you to get into it this morning?

>> a good question, about 15 minutes .

>> you had help?

>> i had help.

>> perfect timing with the olympics coming up in sochi.

>> thank you.

>> very nice.

>> our next finalists, the kids are in the scrabble board are cousins. this is the tenth time they've come to the costume contest. they drive up every 84. mom, are you back there? oh, there she is. i got to give mom a little credit for coming up with this.

>> they all helped out, also. i asked if their arms were tired, a poor little guy.

>> a good workout for him.

>> trick or treat .

>> who knows?

>> they put the candy in the mouth.

>> you guys look great.

>> last finalist, natalie.

>> right over here, this is an amazing costume. we got zoe houston, right? you got zach your friend. obviously, we know what you are, the chicago playbill. how long did it take for you guys to put this together?

>> my wonderful mother actually spent a few nights working on this. so it took her a few days.

>> why the chicago play?

>> i think mom metro detroit be from there.

>> come out here, bring your head out here.

>> hiding behind the playbill. all