TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

See how the anchors transformed for Halloween           

Go behind the scene of the TODAY team’s Halloween reveal to see how the anchors got into their costume and into character.

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>> welcome back to our halloween extravaganza on rockefeller plaza . we want to thank everyone who got us dressed up and also all the people that came down to the plaza.

>> do you recognize this person, it's contributing editor jenna bush hager . you have been tracking our full progress at this time.

>> i have, transforming into these characters wasn't easy, it took big air hair, big feet and, well, let's let matt fill in the blanks. let's see it.

>> pots and pans incorporated. we're going to do it him? the theme is tv shows that we love.

>> do it our way.

>> so the real question is, who is going to be the zh miel and who is going to be the schmodel.

>> one thing is missing.

>> the l.

>> this is the moment.

>> aha!

>> now, that's not bad.

>> 24-and-a-half, everybody. i'm getting a wig made, i'm going to play not ponch, officer john, larry wilcox , i'm going to morph into him now, ponch, where are you? 10-4, little buddy .

>> oh, time to get changed. i got to get changed!

>> i pity the pool. i'm feeling my inner "t." ha ha .

>> this will make good betty.

>> i'm looking for the feet.

>> yabba-dabba-doo.

>> meet the flintstones.

>> oh my god, you look like her.

>> but i'm younger.

>> are you still out of your mind?

>> ha, ha, ha ha ha .

>> here's the shawl.

>> brad smith barney rubble .

>> i'm going to get hasselhoff today. the hoff. that's fantastic.

>> nice!

>> jenna, what do you think?

>> i think that's disgusting.

>> really prone to be a part of the matt's reveal.

>> matt's costume this year has to be the most complicated.

>> you look good for a woman. i really wish i could see you running in slow m-o.

>> do you have any idea how uncomfortable i am right now. i am not a woman. if you get my drift.

>> you know what, they did an excellent job.

>> thank you.

>> it's the morning of, all