TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Rewind! TODAY anchors turn TV icons for Halloween

The TODAY anchors and some special guests flash back to their favorite throwback TV characters, with Savannah and Natalie as Laverne and Shirley, Kathie Lee and Hoda as the Flintstones and Willie and Matt celebrating the buxom lifeguards from “Baywatch.”

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>> hi everyone, i'm lester holt . television shows have been such an important part of our lives, and i think it's because of all the joy, laughter, and memories thatthey've brought us throughout the years. so, for one day only, today on halloween, we're offering a special collection of all your facorite tv shows , digitally remastered for you to own at one low price.

>> let's start by bringing you back to the 1980s where these soldiers of fortune were the ones to call.

>> in 1972 , a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. these men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the los angeles underground. today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune . if you have a problem, if no one else can help and you can find them, maybe you can hire the a-team.

>> ahhh, man. oh, man, how did i get here? did they drug me again? ah, that jibber jabber . i've had it with must be on the jazz again. i pity the fool who dropped mr. t. he is a rocket. i cannot take it. oh, man. what am i doing in rockefeller center ?

>> also included in this limited edition , a fairly special never before seen episode of two best friends and their adventures in bottle capping.

>> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, schmeal, schlamozle. pots and pans incorporated.

>> we're going to do it. give us any chance we'll take it, read us any rule we'll break it, we're gonna make our dreams come true -- doing it our way .

>> woooooo

>> this is much better than a city bike.

>> we lost it. i love it.

>> i need a milk and pepsi.

>> all this could be yours for 9.99. but if you call in the next two minutes, we'll throw in these two police officers from the california highway patrol as they drive straight into your living room and straight into your hearts.

>> hey, partner.

>> hey baker, you know what? i think you are ready now for, your own bike, buddy.

>> i tell you what ponch, i can't wait to get my own bike. you got all the moves, partner, you got all the moves out there. hahahaha . you got it. hey!

>> that's three tv favorites so far, all on one disc. but that's not all. we're going to add one more, just because you're a loyal "today" show viewer. now, let's go way back to prehistoric times . and for those of you who like the oldies but goodies , brace yourself , because things are about to get animated.

>> eeeeee! yabba dabba doo ! flintstones, meet the flintstones, they're the modern stoneage family. from the town of bedrock they're a page right out of history.

>> ah!

>> steer it wilma , watch it!

>> check it betty.

>> ha, ha, ha, has ha.

>> yabba dabba doo .

>> hey wilma , you know what? it's thirst-day thursday. so you know what that means?

>> time for a brontosaurus burger, and a teradactyl tequila!

>> hahahahaha

>> remember, this is not sold in stores and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. but wait, what's that? we just added from our archives, a show everyone loved to watch!

>> some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light . some people need to have somebody, when the edge of surrender's in sight. don't you worry. it's gonna be all right. cause i'm always ready , i won't let you out of my sight.

>> i'll be ready.

>> we need help.

>> you're right lonnie. where's cj? cj? .

>> where's cj when you need her?

>> ahhh! hahahaha

>> is someone drowning?

>> i brought my cans.

>> cj is here!

>> come on!come on,

>> i didn't want to be late. .

>> i'm good.

>> that is distractingly strange.

>. how are we doing?

>> oh my god!

>> i'm sorry.

>> either one.

>> how are you, man?

>> wow!

>> cj. uh-huh

>> cj's boobs.

>> they are as alarmingly real on you.

>> thank you. they do not move a bit.

>> stop doing that! they're bigger than mine.

>> this is your third time as a woman, matt.

>> third time's a charm, natalie. that's right. yeah.

>> you guys look great.

>> look at you.

>> i know.

>> you look fantastic.

>> i came as that other guy.

>> it looks great.

>> wonderful, thank you.

>> you are, actually, by the way, not really in a costume anymore, because you're in law enforcement .

>> yeah, i'm actually an icac investigator, internet crimes against children . and you guys got to pray for me, because on the 6th of november, i have a meeting with the superintendent of schools of burbank, if i can get that school system , i can get the rest of the country to put internet safety education in our schools.

>> fantastic

>> that's awesome.

>> and we've got carmen electra here, the real carmen electra .

>> you look fantastic.

>> you look amazing.

>> i have been working on music, and it's really exciting. i actually premiered i like loud, here, right here on the show. and my new single is called werq and it's coming out in december.

>> what's it like putting that red bathing suit back on and getting back in the moment here again?

>> you know, it's just as cold here in new york city as it was in malibu onthe beach, so, you know, you get used to it after a while.

>> and you brought the hoff with you.

>> one message for teenage boys everywhere, dreams do come true.

>> hahahaha

>> i like the pelt.

>> chest hair 's good.

>> matt lent us this from his van, the rug in his van.

>> so, thank you for.

>> it's not long enough. it doesn't match, the real hoff.

>> we need more

>> his is bigger?

>> oh my god.

>> the hair's perfect willie.

>> speaking of dreams coming true, al. this is a real dream for you.

>> every day. mr. t.

>> you came out of the van.

>> i did.

>> i heard it, i thought it was mr. t.

>> quit your jibber jabber .

>> how did you decide who would be laverne and who'd be shirley?

>> well, im the sassier once, so i was shirley.

>> yeah, i just really, all my life i wanted to wear the l on my chest.and my boobs are almost as big as yours, matt.

>> yeah, that's right. and meanwhile, down at the end, kathie lee , you're wilma , right? years ago al and i played fred and barney, which means you were technically my wife at one period of time.

>> ohhhh, wow.

>> so prehistorically speaking, we've like, done it?

>> we hooked up

>> that's right, you like the stones.

>> the hair on you, hoda.

>> c'mon.

>> that's not real hair.

>> enough already

>> it's all about the feet! it's all about the feet.

>> we got pedicures.

>> i watched a lot of chips growing up. but i don't remember john being on the back of the motorcycle.

>> wow. how was that for you?

>> i'm a rookie on the today show and in law enforcement . it was fun. actually, my bike didn't work this morning. we had 2 bikes

>> we thought it was funnier.

>> yeah, i do have a license. it was fun.

>> i grew up watching this show, and chips had the coveted post-nbc super bowl time slot .

>> the old bonanza time slot .

>> but they don't have the super bowl , that's huge.

>> as did the a-team.

>> yeah, these are iconic

>> they were a lot of hits growing up.