TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Carson tries to get a jump on Halloween reveal

TODAY’s Carson Daly tries to get some answers and sneak peeks from the anchors as they prepare their Halloween costumes, but he doesn’t get much cooperation.

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>> for his first halloween . he is going old school over in the orange room . we are going old smoke, apparently.

>> well, you couldn't make it any oranger in there.

>> i know, it'sfestive in there. snoop dog was in there, too. happy halloween . we have our insta- stops. instagram set up this insta-stops. if you are dressed up, hashtag it halloween today. it's a super fun morning. there's lots going on behind the scenes . i wanted to give you at home a glimpse at the house. we could put this whole show together. dom come with me. let me cake you where no one gets to go. all right. this is the makeup room upstairs. it's very busy. there is hoda and kathie lee , everybody.

>> get out of here.

>> give me a clue. who are you going as?

>> cousin it.

>> get out of here, good bye.

>> savannah? give me a clue. who else might we be able to find up here in the hallway? my good friend willie gois, it's carson here.

>> putting on my spanx.

>> that's a good clue. come on, let me see a leg, put a leg out.

>> i'm putting on my spanx.

>> that's all you will give me. that's a good one. how about, this is the wardrobe department. there is janine, hi, janine, give me a little clue. we're not getting anywhere, who is wearing this?

>> i'm not giving anything ang away.

>> what are you doing there?

>> i'm not telling. you have as to watch. sorry.

>> i tried. you have to stick around. the big 2013 halloween edition of "the " today show "" the costumes will be revealed, they will be awesome.