TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Iron man? Military looks to build high-tech armor

U.S. special operations commanders say they are looking to create high-tech gear to protect soldiers on the front lines, which they hope could be a reality in the next several years. NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports.

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>>> there is a new move under way by bringing futuristic technology to the battlefield. it could happen sooner than you think.

>> reporter: ripped from the pages of comic booksb splashed on the big screen , the fictional super hero ironman may soon become a reality.

>> i'm the best.

>> reporter: after 12 years of war, u.s. special operations commanders have asked private industry to create a real life battlefield version of the ironman.

>> i saw first hand too many fellow soldiers taking gunshot wounds, being a part of ied blasts, long-term life changing injuries.

>> reporter: brian was a captain in the green berets , his company and others are working to invent high protective gear . suits that are bulletproof protection but automatically close a soldier's wound is he's hit, helmets with streaming video of the entire battlefield and robots help a soldier easily maneuver through battle carrying 100 pounds of goer.

>> think of a system that will pick your leg up and move it forward when are you trying to walk.

>> reporter: a special soldier fears some soldiers pay let down their guard.

>> the technology enables you. you doesn't make you super man. it still comes down to the person in the suit.

>> reporter: the military hopes to have battlefield protection within the next three years.

>> shoot for the stars , hope you have a system that can perform the things similar to the ironman suit. things of the future.

>> reporter: for "today," jim miklaszewski , nbc