TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Woman cited for wearing Google glass while driving

Cecilia Abadie was pulled over Tuesday for speeding, but was given an additional citation for wearing Google Glass while she was driving, sparking discussion on the distraction drivers could face while wearing the devices. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>> the issue of texting while driving. this could be a dplims of the future, glassing while driving on tuesday in san francisco , california, se celia is one of 500 people a part of the explorer program . she wears the google glass. she got pulled over for speeding. she was cited for wearing her google glass. right.

>> here's the video we found on her profile. she obviously wore the glasses while driving before. this is from her point of view in the record mode. google put of the a statement as we make clear in our help center, explorers should always use glass responsibly and put their safety and the safety of others first. it's not meant a to distract you from it. matt, you with twor google glasses before.

>> i didn't realize i was in explorer. i think of lewis and clark . i liked them.

>> we talked about the distraction issue.

>> it's distracting carson's beard.

>> california has a law, you aren't allowed to have a screen opened in front of your face once you are driving. once this thing goes wide, this could become an issue. people wearing google glasses while driving.

>> it could be a distraction.

>> in that whole little piece, there was a clue as to what my costume is going to be today, so go back and watch it. in less than an hour, you will see all the great reveals.