TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Hero bus driver coaxes woman from edge of bridge

Bus driver Darnell Barton is being hailed as a hero for helping a woman who was standing outside the railing of an overpass by coaxing her down from the ledge. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>> a bus driver that went above and beyond is being praised for a life saving act.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah, the driver's name is darnell barton . newly released under surveillance video shows him driving his bus in buffalo when he spotted a young woman on the verge of committing suicide . he reacted right away, getting off the bus to guide her to safety t. video shows darnell driving to state college when he spotted a young woman standing outside on a narrow ledge of a highway overpass.

>> when i saw her on the other side of the guardrail, i immediately, you know, something isn't right.

>> he stopped the bus, number of passengers in the middle of the overpass and called out to her. miss, are you all right? the woman appeared to be on the brink of suicide.

>> once i opened the door and made contact, i saw her look back at me and look back at the 198. i few that was it.

>> after several attempts to communicate with the woman.

>> ma'am, ma'am, are you okay?

>> barton did stop the bus and literally coaxes her off the ledge. what happens next is remarkable. martin sat down on the ground and put his arm around her. i said, what, whatever it is, it might feel bad, it may feel bad, but, you know, that jumping is not the answer.

>> reporter: barton says he believes he was driving by at that moment for a reason.

>> knowing i saved somebody's life, it makes me feel good. being in the right place at the right time.

>> that woman is said to be in her 20s, shortly after barton rescued the woman, officials arrived and he got back on the bus to a round of applause.

>> good for him, that is fantastic. other people we saw, someone takes the time to stop and do something, it's great.

>> he feels he was fully called to stop.