TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Chuck Todd: Obama, Republicans’ approval rating down

NBC News chief political director Chuck Todd tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that new poll numbers show that President Obama’s approval rating is at its worst since he was elected and support for the Affordable Care Act is also waning.

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>> todd is the political director and chief political director. start right here, kathleen sebelius went before congress yesterday and she did something you don't see happening in washington very often. she took the blame. she says, i'm accountable. whether she is to blame what did she do?

>> she bought time t. administration was nervous about her appearance before capitol hill , frankly, her media appearances have been shaky. when she went in front of jon stewartt of the daily show , that became a big problem. it became another problem. there was a lot of nervousness, how'd she do? how'd she handle it? they felt she stood her ground and didn't take any bait.

>> on the personal side, we did can she keep her george bush for another couple wex, are you leaning one way or another?

>> she is going to be in charge of this thing during the whole open enrollment . the question is, is she in charge on april 1 ?

>> whether she takes the blame or not. now what has to happen, that website has to, who. people have to buy affordable health care insurance efficiently. let's take a look at the nbc poll and see how people are feeling about obama care right now. there has been a flip in numbers.

>> it is. during the shutdown about health care , we actually saw the numbers for health care get a little bit better. after this after the rollout, we're seeing once again the bad idea, almost a majority think it's a bad idea.

>> that continues to be a problem.

>> let's talk about the president, between syria, the shutdown, obama care, how are his approval numbers stacking up?

>> record low. it's 42%. we have never recorded his approval rating this low at this point in time. when you look, he started the year at 52. and he has just gone down. before this was sirtsia at 45. during the shutdown, he saw a little bounce up. that was in comparison to the republicans. when you look at the waist of everything, syria, nsa, health care , the shutdown. when you got a majority hitting over 51, be i the way, even his likability rating is upsidedown for the first time. people are not leaking him.

>> one side of the political coin, let's see how republicans are faring in this later poll. they're the ones that shut down the government.

>> they are. things are so bad, we asked if you could have a choice of a third party candidate or the republican or democratic what would you pick? independent went ahead of the republicans. the republican poll had a new low in their brand rating. they had another low in their approval rating on capitol hill . seeing a question like this, where they can't, where they finished behind a mythical independent candidate. as bad as things are for the president, they're still worse for the president.

>> chuck, thanks so much for coming up. we present it.

>> sorry i dressed as a tv correspondent.