TODAY   |  October 31, 2013

Storms could dampen Halloween across country

A massive storm system could make for a rainy Halloween for trick-or-treaters across the U.S. from New England to Texas. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>> severe storms affecting a big section of the country. what do you have?

>> first of all, we have video to show you. we will start in kansas, massive thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, it is really a mess there. we will take a look at that. you can see flooding rain, big problems going on. we are also looking at currently our friends at austen, texas. austin, they saw a lot of rain and flooding. some parts of austin picking up ten inches of rain so far. as we go to the radar, here's what we got to show you. this basically is a massive system that's pushing its way in. so is the map. we are locking looking at low pressure developing, a frontal system tra stretchthat stretches behind it. between the two, we are looking at areas causing big problems. we have high wind warnings all the way to the great lakes. this will be a big mess over the next 24 hours . it starts this morning from texas into louisiana and arkansas . as we move into noontime, little rock , memphis, you will see this activity by late afternoon. paducah, indianapolis, late this afternoon, into the evening, prime trick or treating time, south bend detroit. the rains extend to the northeast. flooding also going to be a big issue, especially down to the south. in louisiana, some areas will pick up a foot of rain over the next 24 hours . so this is going to be a widespread system. a long lasting system right on into tomorrow morning . indianapolis already can selling their trick or treat plans for this evening, matt. some other towns will follow suit. it will be a rolling situation. we urge people to be cautious all night long.