TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Halloween etiquette for all ages

Taking your child around your community for Halloween may be their first time meeting a lot of new people at one time. Manners expert Thomas Farley shares  tips on appropriate behavior for trick-or-treaters, including how to respond to unappetizing treats.

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>>> halloween is tomorrow and parents will let their kids break a lot of rules. stay up late, talk to strangers and eating lots of candy.

>> that's right but it's also a great opportunity to share lessons about manners. thomas farley is a columnist for the new york posts.

>> sorry guys. i had to finish up that test.

>> despicable manners.

>> awe.

>> put it together.

>> let's talk halloween etiquette. a lot of costumes. women are very racy. it's like they take a schoolteacher and nurse and turn them into a hooker on halloween . what's the rules about dressing like that around kids?

>> halloween is a great time where we can let go of the standards we maintain the rest of the year except when your giving out candy at the door. don't wear the sexy nurse if you're a woman. save that for an adult party but don't do it around the kids.

>> i don't know what halloween parties you're going to. that's not what i see in my neighborhood.

>> what if there's a candy bar you don't like. i don't care for mounds. i'll just say it. do i tell the person, i'm sorry, can i have the snickers?

>> halloween is a great chance to teach them manners that makes sense the rest of the year. it might be the first time they're around a lot of strangers for the first time. you don't like that candy, you don't complain, you take it graciously.

>> yeah but when the door opens the kids should say trick or treat and not just put the bag out.

>> or just go for it.

>> there's a give and take. you don't give the treat until you say trick or treat .

>> what about the age? sometimes you see a kid coming up to your front door and they're 26 years old.

>> they drive their own car.

>> yeah.

>> roll down the window and they want drive-thru candy. what do you tell those guys?

>> the generally accepted age to hang it up is about 13 or 12 unless you're taking around other little kids.

>> then you hand them a beer.

>> that's a problem.

>> cute costume.

>> thank you. happy halloween guys.

>> don't forget our big halloween bash on the plaza, tomorrow here on today. if you're in the area get dressed up and come on down. willie, natalie will be dressed up. carson will be dressed