TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Tim Conway reflects on a lifetime of entertaining.

Kathie Lee and Hoda talk with the ever hilarious Tim Conway about his new memoir and look back at highlights of his career, including his work on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

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>>> here's a question, if you asked who's one of the greatest comedic actors of all time, one name stands out among the rest, tim conway !

>> from mchale's navy to a carol burnett , he won six emmy awards . he landed in the comedy hall of fame . take a look.

>> hi. i'm a leopard.

>> reporter: if 11 years, tim conway he won hundreds of applause on "the carol burnett show show." to the old man routine. to the novice dentist afraid of his first patient, conway could be counted on to crack up his cast mates as much as his audiences. creating classic moments that earned him a place in entertainment history. how happy are we to look at --

>> take your time.

>> i mean, just to watch those sketches and then to see what you're up to now. tim , we love you.

>> we do.

>> hi.

>> tim and julia andrews in one week.

>> how is your book?

>> i haven't read it. but it looks good. it's about 200 pages. it took me almost three days to write it. get a copy of it.

>> 's such a fun book.

>> really.

>> you know what's funny, you have been in the studios for about 20 minutes you have people from all different generations cracking them up.

>> that's amazing. that really is. am i true? no.

>> we know you so much from the carol show.

>> you don't define yourself that way.

>> you talk about everything on this long journey.

>> yes, well, i have to.

>> i didn't realize that --

>> they didn't make you regular right off the bat on the carol burnett show --

>> no. they did 33 shows a year and i did 32 the first year. and the last week, i said i had to have to off in case i had to guest somewhere.

>> are you guys all still close?

>> no, i never liked anybody on this show. especially carol.

>> we lost harvey .

>> we lost him, but we know where he is.

>> harvey , you described harvey as the same man but just taller. you felt simpatico with him?

>> simpatico --

>> you like the guy and he liked you, and you worked seamlessly together?

>> we did.

>> you know what --

>> yes.

>> i'll be over here if you need me.

>> what's funny about these sketches, one thing in common is you're cracking jokes anding everybody's joking back laughter --

>> very poor performers i worked with, especially carol.

>> it was so well known that you went off script a lot.

>> well, i can't read, so, where am i going to go?

>> you did have a dyslexia problem growing up.

>> yes.

>> was that a way to cope with humor growing through school, because you weren't a great student?

>> yes. no, i wasn't. for those of you who have ds and fs, please keep trying because that's what i had. i would make a b out of a d, so my parents never knew.

>> i had two mothers but not a father. the birth thing was unbelievable.

>> we love a lot of your characters. which one do you get asked to do?

>> i do x a lot. well, i think --

>> i love x. the little golfer.

>> yeah. yes, they used to bury me in the ground and one day i was buried in the fairway and i adog came over and took a leak on me. they cut that out.

>> there you are.

>> there you are.

>> tim , we love you.

>> i don't know why a man of this stature, three minutes. the book is terrific. it's in stores. it's a terrific book.

>> tim , thank you.

>> do you want me to quietly go?

>> coming up, his story has inspired millions around the world.