TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

‘Who Knew’: Olympic trivia time

In preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Kathie Lee quizzes visitors to the NBC Experience store on some Olympic-related facts.

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>>> days out from olympic games in sochi. kathie lee is ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right and those who get it wrong is kathie lee cd .

>>> two-time olympian and the newest figure skating analyst in sochi, his name of course is johnny weir .

>> hello.

>> i like your outfit.

>> i wanted to do very graphic black and white for you today.

>> i'm into it. are you ready?

>> let's go across the city.

>> this woman is from metro poll lis, illinois, which of the events is new to the 2014 sochi olympics ? men's downhill, ice dancing , ice sculpting or biathlon mixed relay?

>> ice sculpting .

>> wonderful news, she gets scandalous.

>> tell us.

>> first of all, i want that cd . i'll get every question wrong for as many copies of that cd .

>> the correct answer is -- biathlon mixed relay.

>> oh, really.

>> that's apparently skiing, cross country and shooting and there's a mixed team of gentlemen and ladies that will go across russia.

>> oh, my gosh, that sounds interesting it sounds terrifying.

>> it does. back across to kathie.

>> here from columbus, ohio, who's the most decorated winter olympian of all time? shaun white , apolo ohno , dick button or bonnie blair .

>> shaun white .

>> who is the most decorated olympian?

>> apolo ohno and " dancing with the stars " as well.

>> he's a nice kid.

>> he's friendly, nice guy . incredible speed skater. looks great in tights.

>> look at you, johnny.

>> johnny is going to be an awesome addition to our winter coverage.

>>> he's from chicago. al and matt have teamed up to you try all of the following olympic sports except?

>> wrestling?

>> no, they did that.

>> you're so popular. okay. what is the one thing they did not do?

>> they haven't figure skated. they synchronized.

>> this was my favorite. is this the luge? and matt was on the bottom.

>> that and the wrestling was one of my favorites.

>> that's is so sexy.

>> which is one is not a mascot for the sochi olympics ?

>> the snowman?

>> how did you know that and break my record?

>> oh.

>> they have multiple mascots? zwl russia was very specific in choosing very russian animals, a leopard, a hare, a polar bear .

>> that's cute. time for one more.

>> from santa fe , new mexico, which is the following is not a term associated with figure skating?

>> hammerhead?

>> wow. nice.

>> she has bummed out.

>> that is not one of terms?

>> hammerhead is a shark not a figure skating term.

>> what is your outfit going to be?

>> it's going to have sparkles. i will outshine them sitting