TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Teacher of the Year finalists revealed

This year’s finalists for national Teacher of the Year have been revealed, and the list includes a courageous teacher who fought against the odds after a storm destroyed her classroom, and another who went above and beyond after a mother lost her son.

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>>> time has arrived within we reveal teacher of the year contest finalists. we received some wonderful submissions nominating teachers who are really making a difference in your lives and the lives of your kids.

>> we had to narrow it down to just three. here they are, along with the women who nominated them, we begin with a teacher whose classroom were destroyed when storms ripped through her tennessee community.

>> i feel that she deserves to be teacher of the year because she not only encourages students to not only do their best but think their best. this year has been difficult for you, because over the summer, her classroom collapsed and she lost 30 years' worth of supply, personal items and she started over this year with nothing. but she did not give up.

>> i think it was 36 years and i have never received such recognition as this. so, just the fact that i was nominated by parents that i thought i had a made a positive influence on their children is just completely overwhelming.

>>> mr. bull thinks that all children have the ability to learn and she positively impacted our life in one small school year, i have a child with special needs and she found a way to inspire and charge her. she came home a different child.

>> i'm not really comfortable getting all of thises attention. this mother took time out to nominate me, how else can you feel but humble, honored and so loved.

>>> ms. debra young has been an integral part of my children's lives, not only does she care about the students' well-being, she cares about their family's well being as well. they made sure i didn't have to worry about cook dinner for my family for a couple of weeks and that was a wonderful thing.

>> my initial reaction was, shock. for anybody to take time out of their lives to tell you thank you for what you're doing, you just feel appreciated and like you're making a difference and that's really all any teacher can ask for.

>> we love all of them. we love the people they nominated and we love the people who did the nominating. for more information on each teacher, go to you have until november 4th , we'll announce the winner right here live in two weeks.