TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Make hearty fall comfort foods like hot pot pie

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond shares some delicious fall recipes, including a hearty and seasonal chicken pot pie with vegetables and an easy-to-make Caesar salad.

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>>> we're back now at 8:41 and on today's kitchen with tasty ways to use your leftovers.

>> the ideas come from the pioneer woman and her new cookbook a year of holidays and she is out with a new children's book. good morning.

>> good morning. thanks for having me.

>> you got me with the smell walking in here and chicken potpie which is my absolute favorite.

>> it's comfort food to the max, isn't it?

>> it is.

>> and sizzling in the pan doesn't hurt.

>> it has to do with leftovers too.

>> you can cook your own chicken or use leftover thanksgiving turkey. you could buy a chicken and cut it into pieces.

>> how about pizza?

>> that is absolutely inspired. let me tell you.

>> okay. you have a couple of vegetables in there sauteing.

>> regular onions, carrots and celery. then you go in with your cooked poultry. i have a new holiday cook book out and i have a whole section of thanksgiving leftovers . i roast huge turkeys to have the le leftovers. so after this all cooks a little bit, it's time to thicken it. so a little bit of flour and serve that around. natalie, pour in the broth.

>> okay. broth first.

>> then let that thicken up. we're fast forwarding today.

>> the whole thing.

>> the whole thing in there and i love putting it in potpie because it gives it this beautiful color.

>> yeah.

>> so this thickens eventually with a little cream to this which is just -- i mean, i could just put this in a spoon and eat it as lunch.

>> now to create the pie, first of all, store bought crust or do you insist people make it at home.

>> i don't insist. whatever crust you have. do a big potpie like we have here or you can do little individual ones which is fun if you're having company. do individual pot pies and then roll out your piecrust. i cut squares. put it on top and this is a little bit of a fancy crust approach but i like the rustic approach. rustic means lazy in my world.

>> brush it with a little egg.

>> a little egg wash and bake it until it's nice and bubbly.

>> beautiful.

>> amazing.

>> real quickly, you have a caesar salad here and can we go without the anchovies?

>> we have leave out the anchovies for you. it's a blender dressing. it's olive oil . help me natalie.

>> sure thing.

>> vinegar, lemon juice .

>> parmesan.

>> exactly. no anchovies.

>> put them in.

>> let's live a little .

>> just the whole thing.

>> pop it in there and i like things like this. just swirl it around in the blender and this is what it looks like. so this takes a few seconds.

>> speaking of leftovers, you make your own croutons.

>> i like to leave the leaves whole. toss it around.

>> it looks great.

>> toss it all together.