TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Why you remember what you wore for big events

Leandra Medine writes a fashion blog called the Man Repeller that advocates bold and unconventional fashion choices, which raises the topic of how people remember what they wore during key events in their lives. TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager reports.

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>>> what you were wearing on your first day of school? or when your heart was broken for the very first time? today jenna bush -hager caught up with the woman behind the popular fashion blog and now new book called man repeller. tell us about this?

>> good morning. she was on the forbes list of 30 under 30 and her blog was time magazine 's 25 best blogs of 2012 . we met up with her to see why she thinks fashion plays such a key role in our lives.

>> reporter: in this new age of selfies, social media and oversharing, unfiltered fashion blogger has made a name for herself. that name, the man repel letter.

>> man repeller. out fitting oneself- in a way that will result in repelling member of the other sex.

>> after a series of failed romances, she decided it wasn't her. it was her clothes.

>> i was complaining about these three guys i was dating and none of them wanted to commit and i was trying on clothing, and she was like you're one of the man repelle repellers.

>> reporter: fashion good and bad always played a big role in her life.

>> tell me what you were wearing on these days.

>> yeah.

>> first day of school.

>> a dress with huge sleeves and white peter pan collar.

>> first time you got your heart broken.

>> a marc jacobs henley. my hair was clipped like this. i don't blame him for breaking up with me.

>> reporter: so we got to thinking, is she the only one that remembers her out fit.

>> we remember what we were wearing as much as we remember who we were with or what we were doing because our clothing is a big representation of where we are.

>> reporter: to test this, we headed to the most fashionable d duo we know.

>> do you remember what you were wearing the first time.

>> it was a striped suit and blue tie.

>> that's what i went with?

>> looks like you were wearing a wig.

>> you worked so hard to get this job. what about wearing in arizona?

>> i remember wearing a red blazer on a special occasion like election night. you always wear a red blazer. the anchor, the reports like me.

>> what you were wearing when you got engaged.

>> i remember exactly what i was wearing. an orange dress. we were at the beach.

>> could he tell you what he was wearing?

>> i think he doesn't remember.

>> i bet he does.

>> let's bet on it.

>> i won. mike e-mailed me stating i remember exactly, jeans, a white shirt and black loafers. the fact is i remember just about everything in that moment. maybe it's not the actual items of clothing but instead the precious memories we hold so dear.

>> do you remember your favorite childhood outfit?

>> it was always the navy blazer. my father or stepfather at the time would take me out. we would tryon blazers and get it fitted and go to dinner. it was the time together with my dad and stepfather. it was tradition.

>> i remember the 9th grade danceweari dance wearing a huge pink dress. we didn't have a lot of money but my dad said he would buy me a dress to go to the dance. the dress didn't hold up fashion-wise but the memory does.

>> i do remember an outfit, this little number, a green blazer marked my first and last political campaign. i wore this baby when i found out that i lost secretary of my elementary class .

>> oh.

>> things turned out so badly for you.

>> but i remember my mom wiping the tears off the felt jacket. you remember the moments, really.

>> i think i remember music. i remember places. i remember food at restaurants.

>> i remember music too. songs.

>> well, carson of course you do. you love music. but you don't remember any out outfits?

>> i wear jeans and a t-shirt, i'm good to go.

>> you don't owe me $20.

>> i'm good for it.

>> you don't have to pay me.

>> but matt, the little blazer.