TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Look back at record year for natural disasters

2013 was a year of record-breaking natural disasters, including the powerful tornadoes that struck Oklahoma, and a 10-week rim fire in California’s Yosemite Park.

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>>> it was a year ago today that we woke up to the devastation left behind in the aftermath of superstorm sandy.

>> since then it's been a wild year of natural disasters . tornadoes, floods, fires, each causing overwhelming destruction.

>> hurricane sandy is waging a war. the dune has been destroyed. the ocean is rushing in.

>> superstorm sandy pounded the new york and new jersey coastlines last october. estimated damages $65 billion.

>> watch out guys. windows up. windows up.

>> then this may, record breaking tornado outbreaks across the great plains. a powerful ef-5 tornado struck moore, oklahoma. winds up to 2010 miles per hour destroyed more than 1200 homes. the path of destruction , 17 miles long. 7 school children were among the 23 fatalities. in california the rim fire started in august and destroyed 11 homes. the largest blaze in reported history.

>> wow, it's incredible the amount of smoke.

>> and in september, flooding spread across colorado covering 200 miles over 17 counts damaging more than 16,000 homes. destroying nearly