TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

iPad Air: lighter, faster, better?

TODAY tech expert Katie Linendoll shows off Apple’s new tablet and says that no other brands can touch the iPad’s success. She projects that this one pound tablet with retina display is going to be a hit this holiday season.

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>> if you're looking for both tricks and treats this friday afternoon, after halloween, rather, apple may have what you're looking for. that's when the new ipad air goes on sale and our expert is here to give us the early look. good morning.

>> hey.

>> what is on the ipad air.

>> all things thinner, lighter and faster. 170 million ipads have been sold today. this will be a huge hit come the holiday.

>> does it have a security feature?

>> it doesn't have a touch screen but it's the lightest tablet in the world. you can tell the difference if you've had an ipad previously. if you had the last generation ipad i don't think you need the upgrade but if this is the first time you're getting an ipad, go for it.

>> google is unveiling a tablet coming out soon. is it really worth the price?

>> i think the consumer market is locked up by apple. google, samsung, nokia came out with a new tablet last week. tons of people in the tablet market and no one is touching apple.

>> does it have a retina display.

>> it does.

>> in terms of holiday sales between the mini and the full size, apple has it locked up.

>> thank you.

>> i appreciate that. katie. thank you. that is what is