TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Women ogle other women as much as men do

Researchers at the University of Nebraska used eye-tracking technology to show that both men and women look at a women’s chest, waist and hips when they meet.

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>>> study that confirms what a lot of women have always said. women really do spend more time looking at women 's bodies than admiring their beautiful eyes . so researchers at the university of nebraska lincoln used an eye tracking system that showed where men's eyes go when they encounter a woman and apparently very often their eyes go below the chin line.

>> shocking.

>> we didn't need a tracking device for that.

>> right. but the real surprise here, men aren't alone.

>> that's right. it's not just men who aren't looking into women 's souls. it turns out that other women are just as guilty. if it's not the eyes, where is everyone looking? both men and women look at women 's chests, waists and hips. now, i think we have an understanding of why the guys maybe gazing there but why do women do it? the scientists say it's to keep an eye on the competition. i don't agree. natalie, i'd like to hear you on this.

>> i do. i will admit to it.

>> where.

>> at the gym. i check them out.

>> what are you looking for?

>> i'm looking to see what they're doing because they look so good.

>> you're like a living seinfeld episode.

>> savannah you do this or don't do this?

>> no, i do it all the time. it's not for competitive reasons. it's like that's a cute outfit or her arms are thin. i wish my arms were thin.

>> sounds competitive to me.

>> we'll admit to it.