TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Google’s mystery barge causes stir in San Francisco

A strange barge has appeared off San Francisco’s Treasure Island that is attracting attention. Coast Guard officials confirm it is associated with Google, but the tech giant isn’t commenting on what it may be doing there. CNBC’s Josh Lipton reports.

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>>> to a mystery on both coasts. secret floating barges that have the tech world abuzz and people wondering what's in them.

>> reporter: it's a mystery at sea or at least in a san francisco bay , a floating structure sitting on a barge off treasure island , a small piece of land under the famed bay bridge .

>> my best idea is some kind of experience, customer experience .

>> i thought it was a winery so i'm not too sure.

>> a floating information center .

>> reporter: the coast guard confirmed it's associated with google, the tech giant known for top secret product development and revolutionary projects like their ballooned powered internet that will float in the stratosphere. but there's a nondisclosure agreement in place and the company had no comment on the barge.

>> a company like google wants to control it message and whatever it's up to, we don't know why. that's what makes it intriguing.

>> reporter: google does have a patent for a water based data center . it would be probably and you could use water to cool it. while data storage isn't as exciting as google glass, the mystery maybe deepening. another barge reportedly registered to the same company as the one in san francisco appeared on the shores of portland, maine last week. no confirmation on if they are related but residents there are curious as well.

>> it looks a little mysterious and ify.

>> building up intrigue about the barge floating under the bay bridge . for today, josh lipton, san francisco .

>> okay, guys, what do we think it is?

>> i don't know, i'm going to google it right after the show.

>> it's a data center .

>> something to do with a shark and a laser.

>> we wish it were that exciting, al. whatever it is is not as excite agz the mystery. the not knowing.

>> it will be a let