TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

How to design a family room any family will love

Bob and Cortney Novogratz, the husband-and-wife team who have seven kids as well as a design business, share tips on how to assemble the perfect room for any family, big or small.

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>> loved it.

>> first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> okay. whether it is your spouse's beatup lounge chair that doesn't go with the decor or the lamp you want to throw out, it's hard to make a living space that suits all.

>> fit for her, you and them, here they are.

>> i went to high school with this guy. the parents of seven children.

>> seven.

>> seven. and the authors of "home by -- " nice to see you. start with what's behind you. people are trying to figure out thousand display good family photos.

>> we're all about shared space because we have a lot of kids.

>> seven kids. that's a lot of kids.

>> one thing we love to do, in the shared space is mix photographs. there's a great way of doing it. take your old pictures, your old high school photos.

>> did you see this? what do you think?

>> please tell me that's you.

>> okay.

>> any chance of updating this?

>> no. hoda was homecoming queen , by the way.

>> anyway, you can take your family photos, bring them digitally, to a company like shut per fly and make amazing details and put them on the wall.

>> is that just one -- that's great.

>> you can get a 4xwhatever wall. a great way to display something personal.

>> we brought something about, your husband, boyfriend hars a cruqui chair you don't like.

>> a nice chair someone is making you get rid of it.

>> what should you do?

>> anthony , this is not your everyday recliner anymore.

>> no.

>> they have come a long way.

>> i can't sit on -- can't watch football in this.

>> lean on back.

>> lean back.

>> it's nice and comfy.

>> oh --

>> and we like it. women like it. it's not big and ugly anymore.

>> you need more funk!

>> you no what we? look at the side. beautiful nail heads.

>> compromise.

>> it's come a long way.

>> okay.

>> i like the furry ones.

>> people want your advice. you know what you're talking about. donna asks -- okay. let's see, missouri -- okay. here goes. my husband captain tony won't let me get rid of these deer heads, and white tails. they're white tail deer heads. here's the picture of them. therapy scary. what can she do about those?

>> you have to embrace the kind of taxidermy or, you know, any animal -- listen, we have cow rugs here, in this design.

>> okay.

>> but you can embrace it with doi chandeliers. bring them into a season --

>> i thought you meant the deer head into a necklace?

>> that might a little heavy. but you can throw garland around it for the holidays. do, since halloween's coming up, put a mask on the deer head.

>> quite nice.

>> embrace it and have it become part of your house.

>> okay. karen moore said something. she asks this. she said --

>> the butt-ugly lamp. looking for -- it looks like it's made for a car. okay? is that -- been living with her for 25 years. what do you do? please help with the lamp.

>> the lamp is not nice.

>> i think it's kind of -- great decor.

>> we'll paint anything. we'll take old things. like this lamp here, and paint is a cool blue , and then you've got a modern looking lamp. so you can --

>> we saw this for hardly anything. beat up, old, no life. we painted it and brought it back to life. it's great and fabulous, and we bought new shade for it.

>> on a personal note, how do you do everything?

>> drink a lot.

>> i turned on the tv and shaw you guys on the bravo show. books are out, seven kids. all of these things going. how do you two manage it all?

>> we make the kids work.

>> we do. we put them to work. we love what we do. not everyone enjoys decorating, but we kind of do.

>> lots of coffee, red wine .

>> you guys are great. i'm going to -- great seeing you again.

>> good luck with the new movie.

>> thank you.

>> i'm going to hug you.

>> of course you do. a big thank you to anthony . kathie lee comes back tomorrow. the very funny tim conway with us and announce our teacher of the year. anthony , you rock. thank you.

>> once again. hmm --