TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Frightfully fun foods for Halloween

Watch chef Ryan Scott cook up a pot of delicious chicken bat wings and a delicious “fundue” just in time for Halloween.

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>>> it is time to take you into "today's" kitchen. scaring up fun finger foods for halloween to impress your guests.

>> here with ideas you can whip up in no time, chef on "live right."

>> what do you have today?

>> i'm excited. halloween is around the corner literally. i want to do my version of bat wings. chicken wings with the whole wing on it. don't eat haub nar eat the habanero. you're going to hate me.

>> key thing. you want the dark molasses color. naught inside there.

>> i like that.

>> they call me pomegranate in the hood. weird. it's weird. i don't know why. i don't know why. go for it.

>> what we're going to do here, habanero. it's spicy. do the spicy dance.

>> yes, i am.

>> can you do the spicy dance. do the spicy lady i like that. yeah.

>> you don't knee? sorry. take it back. take it back.

>> sin in there.

>> habanero.

>> yeah. only on tuesdays.

>> only on tuesdays.

>> lemon juice . garlic.

>> still holding me when i do that. i got one arm. got one arm. hold it. what's going on?

>> i don't know.

>> and this is -- a little cilantro.

>> you want to mix this guy in here, but only half.

>> here. a little --

>> in the dish now. what we do, marinade is, you're still holding meep rub it in. that's my arm. just rub it in. we're going let that marinade. you're going to hold me the entire time.

>> i am! it's exciting.

>> sear them and then put the sauce on top.

>> more sauce.

>> more sauce!

>> so now, here, here --

>> don't you feed me. it's getting weird. getting weird.

>> eat it. eat it. just do it. on your shirt. dry cleaning on the "today" show clean.

>> in my mouth.

>> how was that, anthony?

>> ah, umm. party in my mouth.

>> party in your mouth.

>> so -- ah, ah -- it hurts. it's all good.

>> so we go from bat wings --

>> then a fondue bar.

>> fondue me. don't be fonduing me.

>> look here.

>> don't you do it.

>> this is bacon. peanut butter and chocolate. hold on. let's just do this. go, just do t. why is my face in the middle? wipe did i just do that?

>> hmm.

>> that's my version of --

>> this is caramel goo. my version of spooky goo y goo. try that. white chocolate and pumpkin. ready? catch it. come on. can you do it. you're a big boy . you can do it. yeah. put out anything you want -- it's wednesday, right?

>> awesome.

>> what you do, any kind of fruit, any kind of pretzels -- you're still holding me? what in the world? i need a walker.

>> i'm sorry. i'm so excited.

>> so the last thing --

>> what's the last thing?

>> the last thing, my trick or treating te ining tini. a little vodka, a little pineapple juice and a little love.

>> cheers!

>> no kissing.

>> coming up -- hmm.

>> isn't that good?

>> i love it.

>> man.

>> nice job. recipes on our website, gang.

>> last time i'm coming back.

>> we're going to make this for everybody.

>> this was great, man.

>> loved it.

>> first, this is "today" on