TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

US athletes show off cool moves before Olympics

With 100 days left until the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Hilary Knight and Meghan Duggan of the U.S. women’s hockey team show a few cool moves to Hoda and guest co-host Anthony Mackie as they prepare for another shot at for the gold.

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>>> all right. we are back with the countdown to sochi . 100 days until nbc heads to the winter olympic games .

>> i have to take it home, after taking home a silver med until vancouver, the u.s. women's hockey team has its eyes set on gold once again.

>> and returning, two women hoping to make that happen. halory knight and megan duggan. hey, guys.

>> megan!

>> yes.

>> all right. we're going to play in a little bit. but this is a big year for u.s. women's hockey. isn't it?

>> huge.

>> tell us about it.

>> we're gearing up. we're out of boston now, training hard every day and just getting ready to hopefully head to sochi and bring home a gold medal .

>> are you working arranged the clock? eating veggies, doing all the right things?

>> everything. yeah.

>> what are you looking forward to most to in sochi ? what are you most excited about?

>> getting on the ice. getting out there again and playing.

>> last time we won a silver. what are your goals?

>> approaching sochi to win a gold medal . we want to bring a gold medal back to the united states . we came up short. we're doing our best now.

>> when was the last time you got into a fight? i feel we're going to get into a fight today.

>> actually recently. it's a tough sport.

>> who were you playing?

>> about two weeks ago. against team canada .

>> friendly? any friendly advice?

>> you're going to teach us a few skills, and hillary, i'm teaming up with you. anthony is teaming up with maehgan.

>> let's do it.

>> what's the game?

>> show me how to check her.

>> okay. so -- slow down. okay. slow down.

>> okay. so are we racing?

>> yes. let's race.

>> going this way?

>> you're going this way.

>> so what's the goal?

>> you've got to go through the cones.

>> through the cones.

>> around the oits.

>> around the outside.

>> can you do that?

>> i don't know how to do it. how do you hold the stick? like this?

>> here we go.

>> ready?

>> hold the stick like this.

>> i don't have the gloves!

>> want to mutt my gloves on.

>> can i have your gloves?

>> while you're putting gloves on --

>> stay right there.

>> anthony , you're going to wish you --

>> smells like christmas in here. let's do t. on your mark.

>> what are we doing?

>> just around.

>> i'll follow you.

>> on your mark, get set, go, go, go! go, go!

>> ah. man. wait a minute. wait. no, no, no, no, no! [ buzzer ]

>> good one.

>> i got it. i got it. yeah! score!

>> oh, wait --

>> wait, wait, wait.

>> you guys --

>> ooh! oh -- anthony -- anthony -- anthony .

>> thank you. i'm joining you.

>> it was great. [ laughter ] great having you filling in for this very last time. when did you guys start playing hockey? when did this become your sport? how old are were you?

>> i was 5 years old.

>> did your parents have you on the ice?

>> i initially was on skis then we moved to the midwest and skis weren't really available.

>> hockey is a big sport in your world, but how big is it nationwide?

>> it's big. the girlgs in the game, incredible. especially the women's side. it's just going to continue to grow.

>> we're excited. we're going to be cheering you on in sochi , best of luck, and thanks for coming.

>> lesson learned, don't know top corner.