TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Anthony Mackie spins the bottle

Celebrity guest host Anthony Mackie plays a game of "spin the bottle" with Hoda

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>>> we are back with anthony macke, and do you know what time it is?

>> game time .

>> announcer: it's time to play " spin the bottle ."

>> look at your -- so pretty.

>> and i'm tired of looking at that big, bulky chair in the tv room. we're going to find out how --

>> whoa.

>> forget. wait. we're spinning the bottle. are you ready? are you ready?

>> spin it for me. use those arms. come on. spin it! the other way.

>> my god, there's a lot to worry about. excuse me.

>> here we go.

>> there it is.

>> are you ready? are you ready?

>> all right, all right.

>> here's your question.

>> does that mean it's for me or for you.

>> for you. they're all for you. have you ever man staked, and if so, where?

>> are you serious?

>> that's a good one. have you -- look at me. have you -- i can tell if you're lying.

>> of course i have.

>> and where? it's a two-parter.

>> everywhere. oh! but i don't cut all the grass off the lawn. i just make sure it's tidy. you know? i don't -- i just like my yard to be, like a government course. nice and tight.

>> you are so lucky that that's your only question. laughter

>> you lucked out.