TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Team USA’s Sochi 2014 uniforms are made in America

Get a sneak peek at what Team USA will be wearing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, including wool pea coats, fair isle sweaters, reindeer hats and sunglasses, all designed by Ralph Lauren and Oakley – and all made in America.

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>> the winter games in sochi and if you're going to be on the medal stand, you better look good.

>> there's new emphasis on making team usa 's gear here at home after controversy in 2012 .

>> there's already a controversy for the u.s. olympic team .

>> but there's controversy over the uniforms.

>> there's growing outrage over the uniform.

>> reporter: a controversy that sparked a fire storm in the media.

>> you might say an olympic flame was lit in washington.

>> reporter: and outcry from the highest level of washington.

>> i think they should put all the uniforms in a big pile and burn them.

>> reporter: just before the london games it was revealed that polo ralph lauren , the designer of the athletes sported at the opening ceremony made them in china.

>> it gave us an opportunity to lead the charge to help bring the apparel industry back to america.

>> reporter: 97% of the apparel is produced overseas for economic reasons but this time around polo decided to source american companies to produce their sochi olympic line. from the wools to the spool of yarn to the garments, it required working with over 40 different domestic manufacturers.

>> the complication is still producing the quality and the craftsm craftsmanship and the quantity needed.

>> reporter: some of the companies contracted were surprised but excited for the opportunity.

>> after we found out it was for the olympics were we proud to be able to make the garment in the united states .

>> reporter: the outfitter the north face joined the trend building a factory in their own backyard in california.

>> if that gives the agethletes an edge when they're in the event, it's one worth taking.

>> reporter: and for these designers, the olympics are the beginning.

>> this won't end after the olympics . we'll look at how do we leverage this on other products for our brand going forward.

>> and here are six of america's very best. good morning to all of you.

>> looking good guys.

>> you guys look great. let's start right here. this is the closing ceremony athletes from ralph lauren . do you like it?

>> i love it. the apparel is such a large component of the olympics . you'll have to start ask the athletes who are you wearing? but i know for my first couple of olympic cycles it was real when i put the clothing on so we're all just as proud to sport the polo logo as we are the american flag .

>> ralph lauren looking good.

>> looking good.

>> you're wearing the village wear look. i can see you slope side in this o outfit. we're so excited to be supporting the gear and people at home can wear it, ralph lauren .com november 15th so you can also be a part of the team.

>> i love the boots.

>> now tell us about the oakley shades you're wearing.

>> they make you look good. they've got the best lenses in the game but i'm just jealous of everyone else's outfit right now.

>> well, you look pretty good. have goggles here. i'm ready to go.

>> how much say do you have in all of this?

>> we just get to say that we love it.

>> that's right.

>> i can't read because i can't see that. but thank