TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Breast cancer survivors get makeovers

In honor of breast cancer awareness, style expert Lilliana Vasquez and celebrity stylist Ted Gibson give some breast cancer survivors new looks.

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>> cancer is wareness month we're honoring two survivors with a make over.

>> this is great. but we'll look at lisa 's story.

>> reporter: she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 42.

>> it already spread to my spine. i was diagnosed initially at stage 4 which is the last stage of breast cancer but that was about 8 1/2 years ago.

>> reporter: at the time, lisa 's son was only five years old.

>> i expected to die while jacob was mable ybe in second grade and he just started high school this year. and i -- i felt so unlucky when it hit and i just feel so incredibly lucky now that i'm still here.

>> reporter: today there's no sign of cancer in lisa 's body but the treatments and stress have taken a toll.

>> i've gained a lot of weight. my skin is different. my hair is different. i had the rapid class in aging. i just want something a little different to suit me now where i am in my job and my home and my life. i'd like to outside to reflect how i'm starting to feel again on the inside. i'm hoping you guys could do that.

>> we sent lisa shopping with our good friend, author of the cheap chica's guide to style and our celebrity stylist.

>> good morning.

>> i'm looking right at her. you look fantastic. what do you think of your make over? your transformation?

>> i keep staring at myself. i love it.

>> there's a giant you right there.

>> a giant me.

>> you are staring at yourself.

>> all right. tell me about the dress. you put her in a wrap dress which is figure flattering.

>> i call it every woman's secret weapon to k look good in an instant. the jersey material is plattering and i wanted this water color print that brought out her eyes. thank you so much.

>> now we're breaking rule with hair. usually we say in the fall you go darker but we're going lighter. we have gone lighter with her hair color and the make up. what's great about lisa in particular is she never wears a red lip and i talked her into putting on a red lip.

>> it's great.

>> does it feel good?

>> it feels fabulous.

>> and lighter hair can make you feel really sexy and i don't know any woman in america that doesn't want to feel sexy.

>> you feel good?

>> i feel wonderful.

>> thank you for being here.

>> okay. our second our make over. here's her story.

>> reporter: at 35, she noticed a lump on her breast during a self-examination.

>> at the advice of my husband he said this feels strange check it out. don't be silly. don't take it for granted.

>> reporter: one week later she was diagnosed with breast cancer .

>> that's the thing about cancer, you can have it and not feel ill because i don't know how long i had it before then. i don't know. none of us know. but thankfully it didn't spread to the lymph nodes and it was treatable.

>> today she is in remission and has a new outlook on life.

>> i feel good. i feel wonderful. it's a new day. it's a beautiful day for me to live. to be here for my family and kids and do great things with my life. and a new look would make me feel better than i've been feeling. i would just like a look that would surprise everyone. maybe a different hair color , maybe funkier clothes but something a little more upbeat.

>> all right. she wants to surprise everyone and here she is now.

>> looking good.

>> looking fantastic.

>> sassiness personifide.

>> she is a little bit of a risk risk taker. i said i'll put her in the jump suit . every celebrity is wearing it. this is herrerd carpet moment right here today. i wanted her to feel gorgeous. she is beautiful.

>> oh, so sexy. it's about lightening hair and one of the things we did with her particular is an effect and lighter through the bottom.

>> it's important to remind women that have breast cancer to check with their doctor about hair dye .

>> are you happy with the look?

>> thrilled. love it.

>> is it everything you wanted?

>> yes, everything i wanted and more.

>> you look fantastic. we're especially glad you're in remission, more importantly.

>> come back out lisa .

>> ladies, congratulations and keep healthy. thank you for being part of this.

>> thank you both so much.

>> a job well done, guys. coming up next, we'll show