TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Audience scores Olympic mittens, jackets

United States Olympic Committee spokeswoman and gold medalist Sarah Hughes surprised the TODAY plaza audience with USA Olympics gloves and a lucky few with USA jackets!

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>> sarah hughes is the spokesperson. come on in here. nice to see you.

>> sarah.

>> you look good.

>> nice glasses too. he has the jacket that we're all wearing.

>> cool.

>> these are cool. tell us about the mittens.

>> so these are the raise your hand mittens. they say go usa. they're for sale for $14 on team your hands. they go to support the olympics and paraolympians.

>> something our crowd maybe in on as well. tell us what's going on with them.

>> yeah, they have special mittens. it's like the golden ticket but the golden mitten and they're going to win an official olympic team jacket.