TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Celebrate Sochi with delicious Russian cuisine

From deep-fried chebourekis to thin pancakes called blinis, try some delicious foods and drinks from Russia, with help from gold medalists Kelly Clark, Ted Ligety and food blogger Tatyana Nesteruk.

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>>> and she is a russian food expert and blogger.

>> she is here with a couple of gold medal winners. good morning to all of you. you go ted. big weekend for you.

>> yes.

>> you just won again in austria, third time?

>> yes. got back last night and won the first world cup of the year.

>> we look forward 100 days from now for sochi what would it mean to add a gold there?

>> it's the goal. it would be a dream come true for sure.

>> a lot of people are looking at you. you have been at the o tilympics in the past. they're saying you're the favorite to take gold this time.

>> i've had a lot of experience. this will be my fourth u.s. team to try and make. it's great that i've had a long career but it's one day at a time. one contest at a time and one trick at a time. i take it day by day .

>> that's the smart way to view it.

>> do you think you're up to speed on russia and russian food .

>> i'm looking forward to getting some notes this morning.

>> all right. we'll get her in here to give us a lesson and prepare us on what to expect. let's start off on the flavors we'll be tasting.

>> okay. we're going to actually start off with these. they're filled with meat, onion, garlic, dill and cheese.

>> like an impanada.

>> right. exactly.

>> and next we have this.

>> there's no s on the end there.

>> okay. all right.

>> we have a little caviar on there. a lot of people like it. a lot of people don't. that's okay. are you a caviar person?

>> no.

>> not particularly.

>> is it too early for a little conjac?

>> maybe.

>> i didn't know it was from russia .

>> russia is number five in consumption in the world. we have a russian and a french. both are popular.

>> can you take a little sip? i know you're in training.

>> that's smooth. i like that.

>> now dessert.

>> russians love desserts. we always finish off our meals with something sweet. this is like a sweet yeast dough filled with preserves and powdered sugar on top and then we have a marshmallow.

>> you guys can afford the calories. we can't.

>> this is traditional russian tea and russia has been importing tea for hundred of years. so this is something very, very traditional.

>> and if you look at the end of the table there, let's just take a real quick look at the items we'll be seeing over and over again in sochi and of course the hats are a big thing.

>> this is the hats. russians love fur. and you can see the flaps here.

>> they're beautiful.

>> put it on her head.

>> it looks great.

>> there you go.

>> love it.

>> it's nice.

>> perfect.

>> ted and kelly, thank you.