TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Olympians get quizzed on their Russian skills

Some 2014 Sochi winter Olympic hopefuls and veteran Olympians put their Russian language skills to the test when asked to pronounce their sport’s correct Russian name.

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>>> go until the sochi games we wanted to find out how much our athletes know about the language of the host nation. take a look.

>> i do not know any russian. not a single word.

>> i just try to stay quite when i'm over there.

>> it's a pretty complex language .

>> it's really hard.

>> hold on a second. let's see. what was that? man. it's like right on the tip of my tongue .

>> i can't even come up with hello or good-bye or number. [ speaking russian ]

>> i don't know any.

>> please and thank you. i'm pretty good at it. that's it.

>> vodka.

>> that maybe the only thing