TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Billy Demong teaches Matt how to ski on wheels

Four-time Olympian in the Nordic Combined Billy Demong shows the TODAY anchors how he trains in the off-season with skis on wheels, and gives TODAY’s Matt Lauer a lesson.

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>> about the nordic combined right now. the four time olympian got a gold and a silver in vancouver and he setting his sights on sochi and he is joining me on wheels this morning. how are you?

>> i'm great. how are you?

>> i'm all right. you made history in vancouver and as the games were wrapping up your athletes voted for you to carey the u.s. flag in the closing ceremony. how do you top that?

>> i don't think you can top that. it was one of the most amazing days of my life but i did also propose to my wife who said yes that evening.

>> that was good.

>> that was magical and got to celebrate at the "today" show the last time i was here.

>> exactly. turn and and join me in this direction. training in your sport is grueling. you need snow. when you're not around the snow, what's the best way to train?

>> cycling. i used to on the road, the mountain bike . trail running , backcountry skiing and also roller skiing . we won't get a lot of distance or elevation but sometimes i'll ski 40 or 50 miles on open roads.

>> how close does this mimic real snow?

>> this is pretty close. when you're on a good paved track with ups and downes we'll do our time trials in the summer. it gets us prepared.

>> when you travel in a place like new york city is it true you'll try these out in central park .

>> i plan on it.

>> do you get a lot of looks on these things?

>> a little bit. but people are jealous.

>> hang that medal around your neck and don't worry about the look. we have at least a 30 yard track here. i'm a skier. this is challenging for me. what do i need to know ?

>> the thing you need to remember is you don't have a hard plastic boot. almost like an athletic stance like somebody is going to take a football hit so you lean back and forth and just push out.

>> i think you may have sold me on this, now. i like it. how do you stop?

>> there's no stopping.

>> there is no stopping. there's