TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Olympic teen hopefuls showcase new ski sports

Torin Yater-Wallace and Sarah Hendrickson are competing for spots in new Olympic events this year, the ski half-pipe and women’s ski-jumping, respectively. They tell TODAY how they’re training to reserve their spots on the Olympic team.

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>>> two rising stars from the world of skiing. sar sarah hendrixson is in women's ski jumping . what's the preparation now leading up to sochi and hoping you make the team?

>> there's a lot of preparation. some gym time right now making sure we're strong and prepared for the upcoming season and from the beginning of september to the middle of january we have five qualifying events and the two best count and that's how you make the team. it will be a lot of hard work and training and getting ready.

>> we're seeing some of the tricks there. this is a new event for the olympics . what can spectators expect to see with this?

>> they can expect to see a lot of big air and tricks and half pike .

>> it's a little similar to snowboarding, isn't it? are the tricks any different?

>> i wouldn't say they're too different. you have two skis compared to one board. so the grabs are different. you can do more variations but it's about the same. just on skis.

>> i like the nickname. cute. sarah, you are coming off an injury just two months ago you blew out your right knee. acl and mcl. how do you expect to recover in time for the olympics .

>> yeah, definitely wasn't planned. i was jumping really well and it just happened in an accident and i just have to keep my eye on the prize and train and hope for the best.

>> that's sort of the summertime training routine of the women's ski jump . this is a first time event. how hard is it for women to be participating in this first time sport?

>> it's not really hard on the body at all. i think all athletes have --

>> you're going to say that's not hard on the body? come on.

>> it really isn't. it's very safe and every athlete trains hard in the gym to prepare for the worst and the women ski jumpers are excited to be part of the olympics .

>> we actually dug up some video of you back in 2002 . you were trying out for the -- i guess the beginning of your training here on a jump and matt happened to catch you out there. take a look at this, you already had that olympic style.

>> yeah, i mean, it's crazy to think that was my first year jumping and here i am 12 years later still having the same dream. it's good to be back i guess.

>> did you have that dream back then to be representing the united states of america at the olympics some day?

>> growing up and seeing the olympics it was something i had a dream of but i honestly never thought it would potentially come true. it's pretty crazy.

>> very cool. we can say we knew her when. it's great to have you both here. good luck to you guys.