TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Model reacts to ‘thigh gap’ trend with empowering article

Plus-size model Robyn Lawley speaks out in an article online about the recent obsession for girls to be so thin that they can see a gap between their thighs. She discusses her transition to plus-size modeling and her passion for food blogging as she warns women of the emotional and physical consequences of coveting an “ultimate thinness.”

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>> all right. trending on the daily beast , the dangerous thigh gap trend. this is for women to get so skinny that their thighs don't touch. the trend sparks a lot of warnings about eating disorders . one model is trying to stop the obsession. robin, come in here this morning. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> for those that don't know what thigh gap is, can you explain what it is and why the obsession among some young women .

>> it's basically when your upper middle thighs don't touch when you're standing like this with your legs together. it's seen as the ultimate thinness and that's why women do it, i suppose.

>> you see this in an online community where young women are actually trying to achieve this?

>> it's actually quite amazing. there's so many blogs and instagram and facebooks and so many women of all ages comment directly below of how much they want this thigh gap and need this thigh gap. it blows me mind.

>> you're a plus-size model now and you wrote a article about this speak out about this because apparently an old picture of you is posted on facebook and created a lot of outrageous comments where this was the ideal. this is what they used as a thigh gap and a lot of people said you weren't thin enough.

>> 90% of the comments were extremely derogatory and painful to read for myself. i got called pig and hefty and too fat. and i'm a normal girl. i'm a normal size and to be called too big and too hefty because my thigh gap wasn't big enough.

>> how has your transition been?

>> it was natural for me. i gained weight easily. i love food. i gave up modeling and fell in love