TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Star Wars blooper reel released after 36 years

Rare footage from George Lucas’ classic “Star Wars” sequel has been found and released online. The two-and-a-half-minute reel is a compilation of outtakes from the movie, including Harrison Ford flubbing lines and clumsy Storm Troopers falling over one another.

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>> unearthing new gems from a galaxy far, far away . after 35 years we're getting our first look at the blooper real from star wars . we see them trying to master the timeless art of the flubed line.

>> we have no weapons.

>> another target, a mill target and -- name -- name it, now!

>> action.

>> that --

>> some other moments include storm troopers falling all over each other and arm hair getting in the way. don't you hate when that happens. it was released in 1977 . so fans are loving it.

>> why the long wait?

>> good question.

>> i guess someone stumbled upon it. it sounds like i'm making this up but i actually read this and found these little gems.