TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Surgeons bid for patients on new medical auction site

Going once, going twice… sold! Imagine a website like eBay that offers surgeries and medical procedures instead of electronics or household goods. A new site called gives patients the ability to choose from a handful of bidding doctors in order to find needed procedures at reasonable prices.

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>>> the associated press, skyrocketing medical costs are forcing some patients into a rather unusual arena. online auctions . this is for real. medibid is a website where doctors and hospitals bid to perform procedures on potential patients.

>> we're talking about elective procedures like knee surgery and the costs are out of pocket. one man said it saved him $50,000 on a hip replacement. so critics are concerned they don't do enough to make sure that patients are getting quality service. i would hope there's someone more qualified to choose a doctor that in that situation than me. if money is a huge consideration and it's saving people money, who is to argue?

>> in the airline industry , people do this.

>> well, but medical.

>> yeah, airlines aren't cutting you open. so i don't know.

>> it puts it on patients to really do their research.