TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

Um, yum? Try tasty chicken hearts, veal tongues

Andrew Zimmern, host of “Bizarre Foods America,” shows the TODAY anchors how to make some of America’s most unusual dishes, such as chicken hearts in lemon and oil, with veal tongues and pig blood for dessert.

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>> all american foods you probably think hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie . well he changes that. he crosses the country in search for the weird and what he calls the wonderful.

>> good morning.

>> this is tough for all three of us. we drew straws. we are each going to try one thing and none of us are going to try all three things.

>> is that how you did it?

>> what's the purpose of the show?

>> on one hand it's about me eating foods that may seem weird to people that live here in america but it's about practicing patience, tolerance and understanding with the world. if we can try food, something we all love. everybody loves food from another culture, maybe we'll be a little less prone to get down on somebody because of their politics, sexualities, religion or musical taste. these all represent alternative proteins. i think it's better to put the protein front and center.

>> matt joined us as well.

>> some of us have a more sophisticated palate.

>> oh.

>> this is a grilled chicken heart with a salad of celery leaves, shallots.

>> go ahead.

>> is this the straw that you drew.

>> go ahead and try it.

>> this is tough for me. wait i got the big one.

>> hold on. i just want a small bite.

>> get some of the greens with it.

>> i hate to be such a baby. i'm embarrassed.

>> the heart is the leanest muscle on the animal and it's delicious.

>> it's good.

>> come on.

>> tastes like a heart.

>> tastes like chicken.

>> tastes like heart.

>> this is a classic italian dish.

>> the heart is delicious.

>> it is. it's a lean piece of meat.

>> the leanest on the body.

>> it tastes delicious.

>> this is braised caves tongue, a little bit of lemon. get the sauce. you like the sauce.

>> like the sauce.

>> that's perfect.

>> it's like pot roast .

>> i don't want to mash the protein. why do that. this of course is --

>> it looks great.

>> it looks good but tell me what goes in it.

>> well, this is fresh pigs blood. blood is the world's first thickener. 1,000 years ago --

>> it looks good.

>> what makes you think to put the blood with the chocolate.

>> they have an affinity for each other that i feel the bitterness -- it has quite a bit in it but it's a way to utilize a protein resource. look, i don't pretend that somebody is going to go out tomorrow and make this dish. but the idea that maybe we'll look differently at a small fish with a head on it or some of the other alternative proteins becoming popular.

>> what don't you eat?

>> i don't eat walnuts and i don't eat fast food .

>> i'm such a big baby . i think if you didn't tell me i probably would have thought it was delicious and had five. catch the season premiere of bizarre foods america next monday on the travel channel . we're back after